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About Us

Rugged Research is a fun and exciting nature based education group founded by Rocky Mountain Park Rangers.


  • Our goal is to instill Colorado students of all ages with a sense of place and wonder within their local ecosystems.

  • We believe that cultivating a love and respect for nature at a young age will transfer into a desire to care for our planet as an adult.

  •  We believe that purposeful exploration is fundamental to a child's development and growth.


Rugged Research offers summer camps, after school programming, homeschool programming, and tailored field trips for children from Pre-K to Middle School. We can provide a fun and challenging addition to remote learning or learning pods, helping students experience the wonders of nature. Our programs explore the Front Range and the Rocky Mountains, where students are able to experience the excitement of a close-up view of our extraordinary Colorado wildlife and be introduced to the work of environmental scientists.


Rugged Research programs are led by Rocky Mountain Park Rangers and certified teachers who use innovative experiential learning methods to guide student into a deeper understanding of the connection between humans and the natural world. Colorado has wondrously diverse ecosystems, which our program uses as a giant, learning laboratory to help students fall in love with nature and learn about the impact of their actions on the environment.  Our program extends this learning and helps students  make connections to larger global environmental issues. Rugged Research helps students develop a more mindful awareness of their everyday encounters with the natural world and fosters resilience and confidence while  decreasing anxiety and stress in their own lives.

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Part of our mission is to bring outdoor education, and all of its benefits, to students from all walks of life. Thanks to grants from Denver Public Schools, Colorado Parks and Wildlife and donations from families and parents we have brought $54,000 worth of free programming to schools across the Front Range. We are very proud of this accomplishment and excited to continue connecting with students in underserved communities. 

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