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Big Cat Frenzy
A Zoological Mystery Adventure
Saturday, October 15th 11:30AM EST / 9:30AM MST
Ages 5-12
Live on Zoom
Runtime: 50 Minutes


About Big Cat Frenzy

After a break-in at Oakwood City Zoo, four of the wildest big cats have been released from their enclosures. Now it's up to you: a team of bright, young Rugged Researchers to save the cats and the zoo before it's too late.


Big Cat Frenzy is an interactive Zoom adventure, where kids work collaboratively to study big cat biology, play feline-themed games, create wild works of art, and hopefully rescue all four cats. This adventure features cameos by special guest @catladycassidy.

Cassidy will appear to participants throughout their adventure via video messages. Cassidy will deliver instructions, clues, and share big cat stories. In addition, the program will be hosted live by a Rugged Research Adventure Guide. Register today. Limited spots available.

Scoring / Hall of Fame

Big Cat Frenzy is a scored game. Our entire group will work together to earn a collective score, which will be recorded nationally with the initials of all participants.

About @catladycassidy

Cassidy Cornett (@catladycassidy) gained a slice of internet fame (59K followers on Tik Tok) when she began sharing her love of wildlife and animal facts with the world through informative short-form videos. 

Since then, Cassidy has joined Rugged Research as Kentucky Branch Director and Head Instructor. She is also a Conservation Educator at a Kentucky wildlife center. Cassidy has a Masters in Teaching Biology and an Environmental Education Endorsement.


Cassidy helped lead the first ever Appalachian Mountain Ecology Camp in Eastern Kentucky where students sampled water quality and learned about the lifecycle of salamanders. 

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